#100sareepact #sareesin2016
A Bengal mulmul . In classic unbleached cream and that unique Bengali red / Crimson .
The broad border adds so much grace and class to an already elegant design . A favorite Saree which I chose to wear for my first engagement in Vizag .
Landed at around 2pm to a sweltering 35 degree simmering Tarmac in Vizag and had exactly an hour and a half in which to check in, shower , lunch and head to the HSBC offices where I was to address young associates on career advancement with gender intelligence . Oh the modern terminology of today 🙂
I did manage to do all of the above in record time and get out of the hotel by 3:30 too .
Used as I am to spending long hours in commute and reply to 20 emails and deal with 5 phone calls at least on one leg of my daily commute , imagine my shocked surprise when even before typing My dear xyz, the destination is upon us . Everything in Vizag is within a ten minute radius !
So it was a neat session with a great audience and I held forth in great detail on my experience of 32 years in cancer care and leadership skills and gender issues I may have faced and such like .
The more I meet today’s young the more I like them .
A day that began at 6 am and ended at 6 pm , with a five hour flight and two hour lecture thrown in, can be a bit strenuous so when the option of a sundowner at the really beautiful Park Hotel was offered I would have been a fool to have passed it up . And oh the serendipitous presence of red in the back drop that went so well with the red in my Saree , if was the perfect Saree Pact Photo op!!!
Thank you Vijaya and Vicky for today’s photos which does full justice to a favourite drape .

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