I read Anju’s post on the pact anniversary, and what follows is this long post on what it resonates within me. Indeed the pact has grown into a community movement and that too, in an unbelievably short time. More than anything, I was humbled by the intent of keeping it as a community, and not grow it into a commercial venture.

So I started like most others, as a bit of a sceptic. Trawling the various posts for a while, ogling the sarees and devouring the stories. Wanting to be a part but holding back due to the usual inhibitions – will I be able to make it to 100? Finally succumbed to my love of sarees and story telling, and joined. Not without reminding myself and others that my 100 stretched to my 365 days – Diwali se Diwali tak 🙂

After a few initial posts, became comfortable with the idea, with the saree draping, and most of all, became one with the blog community (still not ventured into the FB space for other reasons). Started reading the stories and for that brief moment becoming part of their lives….yes, I miss the old regulars who no longer post here 🙁 Along the way, of course my knowledge of sarees, fabrics, origins improved. And I also made few re-discoveries about myself – penning my thoughts here led to my re-starting a few blogs that have long been on my bucket list. Wearing the saree at work taught me to carry myself better, and to be able to be ok about the fact that I was standing out from the crowd. By now I am almost enjoying that feeling  The Pact also reminded me of how privileged I was – what seemed like an impossible number now is a happy and also embarrassing realization that I do own over 60 sarees myself, and that I have free access to more than double that number from Mom’s and Di’s wardrobes. That I have a fantastic collection of accessories that I have been hiding away from for so many years. The Pact got out my many forgotten sarees, and those of Mom and Di, both of whom were delighted at getting their collections aired and loved. Sometimes I was surprised at the new meanings and designs I discovered on the sarees that I had for years, but never really noticed! And not to forget, it also allowed me the excuse for some more saree shopping! But the best part was to relive the story of each saree that I draped. For the older ones, remembering when I got it, how much that money meant to me then, where and how I got it, special memories of occasions when I draped it. I realized I have so many sarees as gifts and that made me realise how loved I was by so many people.

So, a happy 56 so far, and now #57. Had to be cotton again, as it has really become too hot here. A saree bought by the hubby for my Mom, more than a decade ago from Karnataka. Picked it from mom’s treasure chest so I could give it it’s place of pride 🙂

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