#100sareepact #anniversary
So it’s been a year since , thanks to two young women in Bangalore , Anju and Ally the #100sareepact invaded our lives . My life . And a 63 year old woman freaked out and gave it her all … Learnt to take selfies wearing her Saree , learnt to cajole her husband into taking pictures , learnt to pose and posture and get random people to take her pictures …began to resurrect sarees long banished into the forgotten depths of the almirah and in the process not only reinvented and discovered herself all over again but made so many wonderful friends for life . And took her sarees everywhere with her .
So Anju my dearest , here’s this post in response to your call to repost a Saree today in honour of the Saree Pact Anniversary . My Saree#63 , worn on my 63rd birthday , a gift from Sharon and Donald , on a glorious summer morning in Seattle and photographed by my dearly beloved friend Tom Marks , well known photographer from that beautiful city …

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