Off late our media coverage has been more instrumental in driving the tolerance intolerance issue, than the various acts surrounding these. A lot has been written about this not just in the mass media, but also the social networks, once more proving the point that it is the pen or the kalam that drives thought.

The kalam has strength; and it needs to be used. But somehow it seems to garner more attention when used for propaganda or sensational topics, rather than when it is used for art, peace messages, etc. Creative writers, thinkers, philosophists and artists don’t usually get the fame that sensational fiction writers get, as an example.

I am no writer myself, of either kinds. My little ode to the art, penmanship on fabric – the kalamkari saree. Definitely no controversies or sensational topics here, just pure art and craftsmanship. Bought a handpainted masterpiece recently with Di – her purchase. And hope to own one as beautiful myself someday.

Until then, a humble (and new) half and half kalamkari dream drape in silk for myself, at #56. Drapes like crepe and one of my favorite colors for a saree. Loved draping it at an evening event recently, earning loads of compliments 🙂 Had a full length pic that shows off the saree, but preferred this candid shot taken by the hubby in the elevator instead 🙂

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