Art of Saree Draping:
Saree # 4 is black chiffon with gold zari border. Mom got it from Nallis, Coimbatore. Paired it with gold brocade blouse. The gold pendant is cherished possession passed down from my grandmother. It was a breeze to drape only because mom helped me. Wore it for a dinner hosted by Veena Aunty and Rahul Uncle. I think people were pleasantly surprised to see me in a saree. I don’t blame them; they have only seen me in jeans and dresses.
Just like cooking, the art of saree draping is something that is passed down to you from the LADIES of the house. In my case, my mother has taught me well when it comes to cooking not so much when it comes to saree draping. I would partially blame my father for it. In my family particularly, sarees were reserved for “special occasions” my grandmother and mom would wear sarees on Karva Chauth, Diwali, and weddings and sometimes for dinners. I can count the number of times I wore saree growing up, 3 times. Teacher’s day and farewells were 2 main occasions when girls of my class would wear their mom’s finest saree and suddenly feel all grown up. And if I ever expressed the desire to wear a saree otherwise, my dad would say, “You look old. Not your age to wear saree” Now I am old and struggle every time. But I positive that will change by the time this saree pact is over. I have raided my mom cupboard again and have enough sarees to practice with. Thank you mom!