A classic book, movie, and a classic saree. Kantha in burnt orange pure silk, bought straight from the artisans at an exhibition many moons ago. Subsequently pepped up and glamorized with a different blouse matching all the colors of the kantha design, and a matching “patti” across the length of the saree that gives the saree a contemporary feel 🙂

#53 and a very eventful day for me. Long drive to Mumbai and back for a dinner hosted by the Ambassador of Finland in honor of the visiting Finnish Prime Minister, Juha Sippala. A down to earth, open, business friendly PM who was conspicuous by the complete absence of any security guards or chamchas throughout the evening. Wish all politicos were like that!

A wonderful evening that was stopped from becoming perfect by our car deciding to break down on the way back. So a long wait and change of cars before we could drive back home, with my kantha daintily retaining its grace despite all the chaos of having a car break down at Marine Drive!! In the midst of all the ensuing madness I managed to click this picture, with my saree blowing all around me in the fantastic sea breeze at Marine Drive. Not exactly a sea view behind me but still aptly capturing the mood of the day 🙂