Today there was extra work for my grey cells.
A very dear friend, Ranju invited me for yummy Sadya–for which I travelled almost two hours in Bangalore’s traffic. But it was sooo worth it! I was pampered with loadsa food and an extra special meet with Deeptha after almost 15 years!
And Ranju says while inviting–you’re coming in a saree only no? Lol! Little could I tell her that I’ve already worn all the sarees I have here in Bangalore. I still haven’t shifted my wardrobe entirely? I didn’t wanna disappoint her cos I knew she was planning on joining the pact today.
Hmmm. What did I do?
Well…I kinda cooked up a ‘Homemade Half Saree’
Ingredients :
(1) Two duppatas that’ll match somehow n not look weird. Preferably one that has beautiful gold zari across the width that’ll match the inspiration.
(2) One blouse–or atleast a Tshirt converted into a blouse (with a dash of instant beads n embroidery so that it doesn’t look like a typical casual Tshirt)
(3) One inspiration — the Kerala ‘Mundu Saree’
(4) Jewellery that’ll highlight the silver grey.
So, I found two duppatas which were Amma’s sarees that I converted into duppatas.
So saree to a dupatta to a half saree! Phew ;p
And I followed the recipe. Voila!
One ‘Homemade Half Saree’ ready!
Btw–I was jus sooo inspired by Pavithra’s greys and then Deeptha’s greys n so on–so I had to do a tribute to the gorgeous shades of grey