#100sareepact #sareesin2016
My jute pearly white silk with the most beautiful cows stenciled on it in as stylized as style can get ! It was part of my 100 last year and begs to be worn every now and then as it just refuses to get crushed and wears so well the whole day . Elegant when you want it and simple when the look has to be a dressed down one.
Sunday afternoon tea doing the giddy girlfriends routine and then the Blues Festival in the evening . Now who on earth would wear a Saree to a Blues Festival one may ask ? I did and flaunted it too and then Lo and Behold the show stopper of the night , Joss Stone appears on stage in a Chania Choli !?! And a simpering Shukriya too togo with it .
There’s something about the Blues ! I know a quote I read once somewhere that comes to my mind about it being your mama’s heart beat inside your head . The rhythm you heard inside the womb ?
So much of that is true and the weekend went in a blur of blue and indigo . Meeting friends and other blues aficionados and one young lady who said she loves my Saree Posts and follows me on Instagram and already saw me the first day with my husband but felt shy to come up and say Hello !
Nothing comes of being shy I told her. You want something , you go get it . You want to say something go sing it out from the roof top . Life’s too short for regrets and that too of the shy variety !
This night I was kept company by a group of really young kids . So polite and well bred , caring and kind and attentive . Listening with patience as I told them about what listening to music was all about when I was growing up and their age ; a full 50 years ago smile emoticon
About Radio Ceylon and the Sayani brothers , Amin for Hindi and Hamid for English pop music . About how you were either a Cliff Richard fan or devoted to Elvis Presley . About Jim Reeves and Pat Boone and Nat King Cole and B B King …about the Radio and how I thought little people lived inside the radio and began singing when the lights would go on inside the Pye Wooden Box !
And of course about the Saree Pact and my crazy passion for earrings . They took many pact pictures , each one saying hey mine’s better .