#100sareepact #sareesin2016
For someone who never used to wear blue ; it was always a “school uniform” colour for me and for years I never had a blue saree . But now somehow I seem to keep reaching out for blues ; maybe because blue is Max’s colour and whenever we have a special day in observation of our work in Cancer care I end up wearing blue .
Yesterday was World Cancer Day and I had organised a related commemorative event on the 3rd .
This Tussar silk favourite in blue and cream was the one therefore to wear all day long .
The day was filled with activity related to awareness and eduction and ended with having a by now very dear friend come and share his story of living with and after cancer . And his audience were patients still grappling with their diagnosis , our friends and partners in cancer care and the Max team . Amit and his book Holy Cancer was all we were talking about after listening to him read out from it and share his story.
Resonated so well with the global theme of #WorldCancerDay which is #WeCanICan.
And then we all applied with Mehendi our own action words on our palms to show solidarity with the Talking Hands project . The idea had just come to me out of nowhere but it seemed a wonderful to do ! Carry our messages with us in such a way that the colour and the meaning of the words in our palms only became deeper and brighter in the next few days ! And not for just one day .
It is so important to find our own ways to embrace what it means to us ; our work , our mission and our passion .
And then of course one had to go tell if all on the Dariya , my favourite spot in this part of the earth !!!