This is a special one, my halfway mark on the pact, and hence I chose my comfort saree.
A saree I refer to as my “Happy Saree” cos it always makes me look good, feel good. An animal print chiffon in off white and black, with a lovely sequined border. A party saree, dream drape, slim fit, mood elevator, and much more. Somehow I have always worn this saree when it’s just the hubby and me together, so it also has an association of togetherness, closeness and a lot of memories – a pre wedding party in Aurangabad, a long drive to a wedding reception in Mumbai, a cocktail party on the outskirts of Pune….now I am getting nostalgic!

Today is also a milestone as I wear my #50. It has been fun so far to make the transition from saree being an occasion wear to saree being normal wear. The questions have almost stopped from friends and colleagues, and some have been influenced to jump in as well. My neighbor now wears sarees regularly as do few enthusiastic office colleagues. I have discovered and revived many “lost” sarees that languished in my cupboard, Mom’s cupboard and Di’s cupboard. With the sarees I have also revived my junk jewelry and my writing skills 🙂

More to come in the next 50, which as per my pact I plan to complete by Diwali, if not earlier!

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