#100sareepact #sareesin2016

A mud colored Bengal classic with a maroon border and an elaborate and unique Pallu partnered with one of my Kalamkari blouses . The Saree a gift from my sister who lives in the Doaars and has an unerring eye when it comes to choosing these beauties .
It seemed the perfect choice for the evening ahead ; the ongoing Bimal Roy Film Festival and the screening of Sujata . We’d just done Parakh yesterday and Madhumati and Bandini yet to come ! What a cinematic feast . It’s extra special to me for I’ve been a member of the BRMC for so many years and totally involved in all the activities . Love the film and music shows and the wonderful people who make up the Committee ; all film buffs and great fun .
Being the in house compere is great fun and these last three days have been simply awesome . Good films and great company .
Not a dry eye today as Sujata finally leaves home . Not as an outcast but as the beautiful bride of her Adhir. Given away by her Ammi and Bapu not driven away ! Oh what a masterpiece ! What music !
The movie basically revolves around the caste system that is prevelant in India even to this day. It also raises interesting questions regarding family ties and how deep they can be.
Well loved and remembered for its award winning story of two girls who grow up under the same roof , enveloped by the love and affection of a doting grandmother , loving mother and caring father. One , the daughter of the house , and the other, as the mother never hesitates to clarify , Beti jaisi .
The little orphaned child of an untouchable couple she took into her home nevertheless when no one else would .
This is the story of a real family with the characters drawn with care and respect . No absolutes . Real people facing real predicaments .
The cast , the music , the dialogues , the crafty editing all contribute to the charm and timeless power to engage the viewer .
Is it any wonder it grabbed so many awards ?