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This soft and silky Saree , a tie and dye in a glorious pink and orange with a cream border that makes it so stylish is a repeat which I wore first a couple of months ago in Colombo and now for a special evening a couple of years ago . We screened Parakh on the second day of the Bimal Roy Festival . And I was happy to introduce this to the audience too as I did Sujata . This film was dedicated to the memory of the beautiful and ethereal Sadhana who is no more with us.
This was actress Sadhana’s second movie, after Love in Shimla. When she turned up on the sets of Parakh sporting her “Sadhana fringe” Bimal Roy thought she looked too glamorous to play a village girl. She reportedly used hair-gel to push back her fringe in order to convince Bimal Roy that she could look simple enough for her role! It worked and we have a beautiful Sadhana
Another unforgettable film from Bimal Roy – Parakh netted him his third consecutive Filmfare Award for best direction (he won earlier for Madhumati and Sujata).
The story – written by music director Salil Choudhury – who also wrote and created music for Do Bhiga Zameen is a satirical fairytale set in rural India and comes complete with wicked people, good people, a damsel in distress, a hero and a fairy godfather.
A light romantic film one may be misled to think but oh so full of subtle nuances and satire