Some days just take on an extra glow and become so special you just put aside all your worries and know that with the blessings and love of family and friends all will just be fine . The last week for me has been fraught with quite a few stressors a lot of it work related and some trying to juggle my rather suddenly hectic social calendar and balance it all !
My worry has been to try and fit all meetings both social and work into a jam packed week and come out of it in one piece for the big daddy of all meetings coming up over the weekend .
So yesterday Friday was when a lot of things were to all come together and guess what? the first half hour of the day kind of settled it all for me .
Blessings from a dearly beloved uncle and big fat warm hugs from my cousins Krishnan and Sriram and boy was that stolen half hour from work worth it all ! And the compliments for the subtly shaded pink and turquoise Ko Lanka cotton I had chosen for the day.
I was like once I get to work it will be nose to grindstone and of course that was wishful thinking for the day had for me visitor after visitor and when one of those visitors is Jude and the other Bindu then it’s the light of the sun and the aroma of flowers that overpowers you .
Have I shared the joy of Lunch Hour in my office with you dear Pacters ? It’s one whole hour and the phones are off the hook and we break bread with each other in total style . Of course no one eats from one’s Dabba but descends on every body else’s and every thing under the sun comes under our benevolent scanner . Films , politics , sarees , food , TV shows , cricket you name it and it is accompaniment for Santosh’s wife’s mouthwatering curries or Ameya’s Mom’s melt in the mouth Puran Polis or Vidya ‘s Thai temptations ..and sometimes when we have guests then Pooja Caterer’s Aaloo Jeera and Daal Fry and the recently discovered Fresh Menu stuff.
Believe me if you haven’t joined us for lunch what have you even done ?
I must confess the afternoon was devoted to work and almost all items ticked off my list ! Which left me in a great frame of mind for the evening out . An enactment from the play by Manil Suri and a discussion on Mathematics and Humanities ; Manil being both a mathematician and an author.
Quite a scintillating performance and interesting discussions but here’s what to me was the most incredible experience of all .
After the event was over and Venky and I had said our goodbyes and enter the elevator with a few others one of the ladies asks me if I am
active on Instagram. I notice a young lady beside her begin to exclaim and hide her face behind her hands and then she’s like OMG it’s indeed you ! I follow you OMG !!!
And how she loves my posts and pictures and sarees and stories and now it’s my turn to say OMG ! And be really overwhelmed !!
And of course we ask Venky to take pictures and I Insta them immediately .

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