And the day finally arrived, and I wore my 100th saree of the ‪#‎100sareepact‬, to the ‪#‎worldsareedate‬, an evening of much revelry, laughter, friendships, bonhomie and one that must have turned the newly opened Chianti on St. Marks road upside down. It has been a marvellous year, a journey made fabulous by the connections and friendships forged along the way, common grounds discovered and stories told and retold. And like its been said, now we make the huge leap back to reality.
The saree is a vintage Kalakshetra Kanjeewaram, the first saree ever made by Malini for Studio Krsnah. The oxidised silver jewellery is Krsnah too, and designed by Malini, everything lent to me for this gorgeous evening.
You have all seen the pictures as I have none of my own, so lifted from here and there, so picture courtesies to all the original posters ?