When Pinkathon announced the Ladoo run in Bengaluru and the saree as the official dress for the run, we had to show up right ?
So we did. While some of us walked, the others actually ran in their sarees.
I like what we’ve become over the last year. A community that is having conversations on what matters most to us, through the medium of the saree.
So here we are today, each of us promising to make an effort to get more active, get outdoors, reclaim our fitness.
Garima Singhal is a runner. So is Meenakshi, who did her first 21K last year. I look like this but I can kick butt at yoga, it agrees with my soul.
Neha nursed a bad back last year and has already begun to exercise andDebjani Aich is actively looking to schedule a time slot to call her own in her very busy day.
The sixth lady in the photo is someone who joined us for the camera. This is the magic of the pact, where strangers join you in a photo in a show of solidarity and a passerby offers to click the women in sarees.
So this year, along with wearing your sarees and telling your stories, we each hope you will also exercise a bit everyday. Stay fit, take care and feel the high of fitting into old blouses 🙂
If you feel good, you will look good.
I’m wearing a puneri saree in the kashta style popular in the Konkan region. Easy to work in the lush fields for the women there, easy to walk in Cubbon park for a woman here.

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