The Bengali word,‘Udbastu’ means a refugee, an evacuee.
It is considered to be a very critical term and I bet our generation was too lucky not to go through the severity of it.
I had had several hours of discussions on these with my Grandmother (Father’s mom) when she would describe, her helplessness, her love, her childhood and how socio-politics situation put a generation to standstill!
Over the years, through films, literature there was touches and discussions about it too…
However I have felt that same connect of uprooting me in my own way; uprooting home, relationships are silent, but tough battles within, that has the same feeling of an ‘udbastu’ to me…
Cut to, 96/100 #100sareepact is a blue ghicha, an appropriate example of my impulse purchase! This ‘admiral’ blue just took my breath away. I was kept standstill in its aura. The jute mix at the anchal with a contrast of ‘sand’ yellow border made it look truly attractive. I paired my saree with a jute coloured cutaway sleeves and a beautiful earring a wonderful gift by Ma-Baba.
I still remember it was an evening and I was coming back home, when I found this piece hanging from a small neighbouring shop.
I hardly had any money, thus booked it with Rs 50 wink emoticon
For 96/100 story, I purposefully selected this special zone to shoot this special story of mine!
A zone which is created with loads of passion, love and lot of pain….
It is my own, my zone…. no one can attach a feeling of uprooting ever!
My Own Zone is created with hope and courage too!
My blue saree is just a representation of my Blue mind, that would love to flow in these coiled stairways that has an open terrace , a cosy room paired with a creative wall and above all a ‘Dokkhiner varandah’!!
Wish me Luck, my friends…..

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