I had a natural knack towards drawings/sketching since childhood.
Krishnendu Mama was the man whose guidance took me to the next level of basic introduction to colour and composition. However it was a short stint.

TUN on the other hand, has a perpetual effect on me regarding a lot of things, where painting takes the lion’s share wink emoticon
He had the same knack suppressed for long which blossomed out with bursting colours, curious sketches and amazing compositions. He was a late starter but his creativities just came out in rush within a short span of time, as if his body was unrest to throw-out his hidden talent through all those imaginative works..
The canvas, the easel, those brushes, boxes of colours, the busy palette have his caring touches and the creations are very genuine and bold….

92/100 #100sareepact is a black pure silk, that has abstract flavour of brush paintings throughout the body. The strokes of the brushes, the splash of ununiformed colours, the natural flow of the design all remind me TUN a lot! I paired my look with long ear-piece, and with kajal drew the bindi.

92/100 is thus a story for TUN, who is stated ‘single’ in the marital society; however, to me, he is a far, better, family man comparing loads of those ‘married men’ !
His thoughts and belief has made me change the concept of family in life.
It does not always mean a unit of you, your wife, sibling, mom-dad…. It can be so much wider. The society is your family. And thus, off late TUN is also a part of an NGO, handling mentally and physically different children of our wider family, the human society.

Whenever I meet TUN, we get connected instantly and spend hours discussing paintings, sketches, artistes, sculptors, literature, music, film, philosophy etc. He is a store of so much in life. This was first of its kind-a shooting date with him for my sareepact series.
His sincerity, genuine involvement moved me again.

While draping my 92/100, I felt these colours and brush strokes gel with him aptly!
For me spending those hours of paints and brushes are like reinventing, reliving my suppressed painter/artiste mind.
He inspires me each time and I promise to my artiste mind, if TUN had done this so late, how can I be behind?

Thanks TUN for being there without any reason. Thanks for supporting me for all my acts. Thanks for the comfort, a mere touch or a strong hug whenever they were appropriate to combat those odd hours of life.

On this forum, I officially like to thank you for being there throughout those death-hours, when Appa & I would have gone out of control seeing Mamon in that condition. Your silent presence and just a touch that worked wonder…..

God Bless You…!!!

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