“Ashole-r cheye shudh-er shwad mishti”!! (Interest tastes sweeter than the Principal)…..
Since the day nature has generated senses within me and I have met her, this was her famous dialogue whenever she used to embrace me!
I now relate the meaning; my mom was the principal of her ‘life-bank’ and eventually after I was born it was the interest…a bonus in my way 😉
I am the eldest grandchild of hers, and she is my ‘Dida’ (Mom’s mother).

Chhobi was a pampered daughter and in those days. She came from a well-educated family and following her father steps she joined college (first year) for MBBS degree…
However after marriage and my mother’s birth the life changed; she dedicated herself entirely to the Chatterjee family of her in-laws….
Chhobi had a natural knack towards books, knowledge; I feel her thurst for education never got completed which she used miss a lot! Over the years all her children became good and serious in studies- where my mom was rather exceptional 😉

Cut to my 91/100 #100sareepact story!
This story is for Dida.
After my mom left for a better world she pushed herself into a worse practical zone. She was in too much shock, and has never could be the same Chhobi. She just could not accept and bounce back to normal lifestyle! As per her, she has only survived, her soul has died long back…..

She is basically a shy person regarding photography and outer world.
However it was a pleasant surprise when she immediately accepted the saree story offer and was ready to come in front and share few moments of saree chit-chat!
She was draped in an old shabby kota piece, (the last saree gifted by my Mom), while my bright yellow Dhakai was the first gift by my two younger brothers from this maternal tree….

The Dhakai was a surprise gift during last Bhai-Dooj last year, when the younger one, Jojo became the delivery man and the senior Abhi, stayed behind restricting to his purchasing power 😉
I paired this saree with a contrast green blouse, another gift from Tun (father’s youngest brother).

It was a wonderful day, when after a looong time we three brothers-sis Trio met, clicked and created our cozy moments with Dida.
The 3 generations meeting for a saree date is exceptionally a wonderful story in its own way…

Thanks ChhobiRani for your touch, blessings, love…You are my source of being… I am obliged to you forever.
It is for you I am here. If you have not given birth to my mother I would have never seen the light of life.
Would have never been able to be in a position to write this touchy story for you 🙂

Thanks Bhai for this awesome saree, a gift that will be treasured always… And yes I must admit your tenacity to be in touch after a long break…
And above all Bhaiya for initiating this maternal connect and recreating this ‘relationship’ bridge of my life which was left forsaken ……

Love you all 🙂

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