At times I feel I am an ‘over Bong’!!
In my saree series, 90/100 is almost a repeat theme which I purposefully wanted to present to this 100sareepact movement. The story is dedicated to that traditional Bong drape, and has the touch of auspicious red,yellow, white colours and representations of machh (fish) & mishti (sweets)…..
90/100 #100sareepact is my ‘BIG BONG’ drape 😉
Earlier I came up with a candid drape but this time I wanted to look that typically traditional ‘Bong’ woman.
90/100 saree is a pure cotton kota, having a sleek designed golden zaree border. The contrast yellow-red blouse gives that pure celebration touch!
Last Sunday of 2015, turned out to be a ‘shooting day’ with 7- changes for my sareepact stories; where Appa, as usual was my assigned photographer.
The day started with this ethnic look, where the drape took hardly few seconds.
Each time I drape, am becoming an expert on this, since the process of draping in this pattern is by far the easiest and simplest. The hair, the gold jewellery, the key chain attached in the anchal with nose-ring and tikli (mangtika) created a perfect ‘ghoroa’ (homely) essence!
As a part of spontaneous shooting props, newly bought bamboo made flower vase, paper flowers, earthen dishes & diyas were just perfect to create that Bengal touch.
The picture perfect touch reached when in spurt of the moment I thought about adding the ‘Joynogorer’ moya & Sandesh (typical Bengali sweets) and a wooden utensil that has ‘maachh’ (fishe) painted….

Oh I so love this look I cannot express in words….
Though I do not have that traditional ‘Bong’ feature but that feeling gives me an additional kick to create an environment and make me look a bit of it…

You are the best judge!

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