And I had thought I had posted the last Saree of the Pact !! Alakta would have none of it and said the celebratory culmination had to be at her home as we bid adieu to 2015 and welcomed 2016 .
And with such a beautiful home as setting who would say no ?!?
Out comes this beautiful black silk with the most exquisite pattern woven into the body and the Pallu . A Shilpi creation from Chennai which I bought in 2000 to wear at our older son’s wedding dinner party in Montreal that year.
So we brought in the year with dear friends and I really don’t know what it means when I realise I wore my first Saree in the pact and had a picture taken with young Priyanka in her home and today too, as we stopped by her home , I realise , wearing my last Saree on the 2025 #100sareepact I am at her home and with her . And we take another picture just like that one months ago

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