A black taffeta that’s slithery and smooth enough to make you feel you are the most svelte graceful thing on earth and incredibly beautiful Kashida embroidery from Kashmir makes this one special Saree . I bought it over five years ago and wore it first time for my nephew’s wedding in Chicago .
Maybe it’s the last Saree of the pact ? Kind of fitting for the last day of the year too ?
The day at work was a mixed one . Began with a quick errand at Good friends’ s place where I bullied them into pact picture taking of course . Their balcony looking over the lovely hills and all ! Then Office and tying up loose ends so we begin on a clean slate tomorrow , getting some Admin issues sorted out and lots of patients visiting and oh one interview for a long vacant position too . How busy can the last day of the year get ?
There was also the fun Secret Santa project to be concluded and the end of the year Team Picture to be taken .
The Saree withstood it all !

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