Today seems to be all about Ma’s sarees . Anju Maudgal Kadam ‘s post featured her daughter wearing her mother’s Saree and Anju herself honoured me by wearing my Saree and here I am wearing my own mother’s saree.
It was about our mother’s sarees that Jaya Pandey and I were talking about in the morning which prompted me to take out the second of the two silk sarees of my mother that I have . We were speaking of how our mothers were so busy providing for us and ensuring their families were well taken care of and made do with the simplest of belongings for themselves and that included the sarees they wore . Jaya spoke of the cottons and synthetics her mother used to wear and I remembered Maiji’s Chinnalempettis . Oh she wore them with so much grace and panache that they adorned her like the smoothest of silks .
And as with Jaya’s mother’s cottons which were passed on to the household help in due course so were Ma’s Chinnalempettis . Silks were special and rare and only bought for very, very special occasions like marriages and other milestone events and ceremonies .
So sarees that were handed down were truly precious and few and far between . Which is why sarees like the one I am wearing today makes one feel Iike a million dollars .
One of the photographs is of Anand with me . Anand is the Security Guard of a neighboring office in the business centre that houses my office . He has however appropriated Max and our patients and is the first pleasant face anyone who visits us sees and receives the kindest welcome . Today he says to me, Amma aap Saadi mein kitne achhi lagthi hain. On my way back home I stopped off at the Being Human store to pick up a birthday gift for a dear little friend and my young friends there receive me with so much love and affection . Ever since I did the Being Human campaign some 18 months ago, they have been my sweetest fans and friends . Especially Prateek the differently abled young customer service executive . Being Human is one of the enlightened chain of stores whose every unit employs one such person who deserves an equal opportunity to work and earn a living . Every store of the chain . Special feeling to receive so much love and to envelop so many with the warmth of a mother’s legacy of love .

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