It had to be Blue today . In honour of Jaya Pande and her cause of Autism awareness ! Jaya who had welcomed me into her home and heart a few months ago , a perfect stranger and espoused my cause by hosting a Chai for Cancer in the city of the most famous Tea Party ever . Jaya whom the Bombay Chapter of the #100Sareepact was hosting for a lovely evening .
The day had already become special with Karthigeyan and his beautiful family making a detour on their return to Udlampet from Shirdi just to see me !
It is this kind of love that makes the world and my own heart spin with so much joy and energy .
Karthigeyan is someone after my own heart . Nothing stops him from doing what he wants to do . Not cancer , not a few hundred miles between him and his Manzil and not any other barrier . He does not see them as barriers but simply as the rungs of the ladder he has to climb . With joy and gay abandon .
With purpose and determination . And there’s no looking down .
Just keep looking up and above and embrace all that life has to offer .
My Saree Pact photo of the day was taken by Karthigeyan on the sands of Chowpatti Beach where I had taken them to show his little one the most famous spot in Bombay before they continued on their journey back home .
A blue , grey and off white Tussar from Fab India , an unusual colour combination with the raw silk of the off white segments woven into the plain silk of the rest of the saree …
The blue neck piece a gift from Jaya which seems to be specially made for this saree .

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