The year is slowly drawing to an end . Back at my desk after a much needed break I am looking at reviewing the past year and firming up plans for the year ahead . It’s a lovely sunny Monday morning ; the kind only a winter morning in Bombay can be . With that hint of the long elusive cold that deigns to come visit us only late in the year.
That time of the year I eagerly wait for to flaunt all those Tussars .
Today’s is a fresh and cool looking white , brown , pink and orange abstract print . I usually stay away from horizontal stripes but this one is a favourite .
Stepping out during Lunch Break after a grilling morning and finding the sea calm and clean was so rewarding . The haze hasn’t really lifted but Vijaya took some lovely Pact Photos that captured the glassy sea and my favourite Dargah in the background .
This is the time of the year when our Philip takes his Annual vacation to go and spend it with his family in Goa and our FOM Volunteer takes his own vacation from his Tele Communications company and spends that time with us in the office covering for Philip. Spent some time with him today catching up on his duties and pulling his leg smile emoticon
Then for a meeting with my dear friend Rinki Bhattacharya in her beautiful , elegant apartment going over plans for the events we are working on to commemorate her father Bimal Roy’s 50th death anniversary . My favorite corner in her home is the Photo Wall with framed stills from every gem of a film he has made . A feast of those films are being planned by Rinki in January . From Do Bhiga Zameen to Parakh to Bandini .
On the way home , Bandra looks her loveliest all a glitter with Christmas Lights garlanding the leaves on the trees lining the streets and the eaves of the beautiful houses on them .
Cannot pass by the flower sellers who still have their stall open despite the lateness of the hour . Sakharam and Tukaram of Satara who are as much icons of Bandra as the bedrocks on Bandstand.
They tempt me with bunches and bunches of brightly hued asters , the best of the blooms they brought from Bhuleshwar this morning . Their shy smiles as sweet as the flowers they wrap up for me . The flowers I will take home to welcome Jaya with tomorrow !

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