Christmas Day ! Plans were afoot to visit dear friends Anita and Jude in Mazagaon and then dinner with young friends Ekta and Abhishek at Kala Ghoda .
The Saree ? A Tussar printed silk in bold orange and black geometrical patterns from Pitambari . The kind that does not crush ever . Making the most of the months in Bombay where humidity is absent and the sir is cool !
Mazagaon is another neighborhood in Bombay that comes alive during Christmas . All of Bombay is twinkling of course but some shine more than others . And so if it was Bandra on Christmas Eve then it was Mazagaon yesterday .
I am not sure how many of my Pacter friends in Bombay have heard of or been to visit Matharpacady the heritage village ensconced in this neighborhood . A community of Marathi speaking . Roman Catholic East Indians live here . In the oldest and most beautiful and quaintest Portuguese style houses the beauty of which take your breath away .
I dragged mine host Jude and husband down to take my Saree Pact pictures there . I have been there before but not Venky ; this village where maybe in 1762 or so laborers from as far away as Vasai came to work in the newly constructed Mazagaon Docks . This community survived the deadly plague of the 1890s but now this heritage precinct lives in fear of the redevelopment crazy builders . This is also the area famous for its special mango trees that would flower twice a year of which they say only one remains .
The winding little lanes take you past brightly painted homes with teakwood stairs and balconies and really is a world apart in time and style from the one we live in .