Merry Christmas !!!
I wonder if by the end of the year , this awesome 200 Saree Pact year I will do 150 . Maybe . Maybe not . It means 9 more in 6 days …let us see .
Christmas Eve in this really uniquely crowded printed Tussar silk that’s like something I’ve never worn before ! I wore it last year for our family gathering in Madras when all our siblings and our spouses were together with Maiji .
Took it out today for a trip to Bandra to meet friends and a couple of errands and well , you cannot NOT be in Bandra on Christmas Eve.
The atmosphere is something else and dear Ravi and I spent a beautiful half hour at the Bandra Fort bedrocks marveling at the sun as he set and of course so many photographs for the pact were taken and all of them so good they have to be featured !!!
My good deed for the day was done as over 60 books from my newly organized book shelves going their way to the little stall in OMO whose profits from their sale job to the HOPE Foundation.
And then to the AE Bakery for the mandatory Coffee and Cake with Jude . A lovely surprise awaiting got there was Lily , the feisty owner looking gorgeous in a Saree and of course is bullied into posing for the pact ! Her charming young grandson finally getting her to pose and taking our picture !!! What a rush today there was and oh the Christmas Cake to die for .
A quick look at the beautiful Nativity Scene in the Holy Family Parking Lot and Jude’s new car duly admired and yes photographed for the pact and then a wonderful dinner at Sunanda and Suranjana’s lovely apartment with our other Sunanda. We drank and ate and laughed and sang whole Georgie . Suranjana’s charming husband took these pictures . Merry Christmas indeed .