Grandparents’ Day Out ! Succeeded in dragging the old man out for a lunch and dinner date . Lunch with son and film starring La Padukone being the double carrot . No matter he came away more enamored of Kashi than Mastani .
It’s great to take time off from work and be at home and do things you never get time to do otherwise . At least Day 1 of long awaited break set a good example . Lunch with beta, family visits , a movie …
The Saree is a Fab India silk/cotton which never made up its mind whether to be orange or pink . I have loved the sunset sky feel of its shades forever . It crushes a bit for an all day Saree but holds its own ..,
So lunch at Soam in Babulbath ( why not Som why Soam ? ) our first time there . Hmmmm always something new to find and do in Bombay even after 42years . Great food Swati Snacks style , nice service and great location . Though a rather perilous perch on the shoulder of the road for the Pact Photo . Son did a good job though ! We tried to get the poor color coordinated flowers struggling to survive out there in the background you see smile emoticon
Then back to catch the film and en route Chai with dear cousin and aunt and then doing the Thatha Pati at the Mall picture for the grandkids, meeting some charming youngsters getting ready to sing Carols and bumping into dear friends at the movies. Alakta Kar and Salim Abubaker you made the day !
Nice !

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