Such a beautiful day dawned today in Bangalore .
Beautiful enough to make up for maybe just two hours of sleep ?
We must have talked into the early hours of the morning …Anju, Ketav , Momi, Sujata and Mukta . Sharing wonderful moments from the magical evening of the ‪#‎worldsareeday‬ ‪#‎sareedate‬ and the coming together of close to 100 Pacters of #100sareepact .
Revisiting special moments , exclaiming over each other’s joy at meeting up with friends to whose names and faces we were able to put a voice , give a hug …
Laugh at Kodak Moments and make more of them . Exchange numbers and send friend requests on FB . We did it all and then once over again !
I had a morning flight to catch and so everyone was up to say good bye and I borrowed Anju and Ketav’s balcony fringed by the eucalyptus trees to use as the backdrop for my Saree No 138 . A mehendi green cotton from Colombo ( Ko Lanka is the brand ) with a Pallu that has stripes in a Christmassy Red . And just see how the background seems made for the Saree ? Or vice versa ! And Mukta whose photography skills you have seen already did the honours as Pact Photographer .
That’s it . Now I am back in Bombay and the weekend a beautiful dream already .
Thank you Bangalore for all the love and warmth and fun .

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