The day dawned here in Bangalore all golden and so beautiful . The birds chirping outside as Anju and I stood on her balcony our gaze on the incredibly beautiful eucalyptus trees that hugged the space around our perch …‪#‎Worldsareeday‬ .
A fitting tribute and culmination to the #100sareepact Anju and Ally brought into my life early this year.
How fitting I am in Bangalore today and with Anju looking back upon all the pact has given me .
And since I packed nothing but Sarees for this trip , the morning saw me take out one of the new Sarees I picked up in Colombo . A gorgeous peacock blue , so simple in its understated elegance . Nothing to embellish it but a a little bit red in its border and its pallu. The colour so rich it needs no further embellishment .
And blue so appropriate for later in the morning I went to meet Jaya and her family who is also here for the ‪#‎sareedate‬ smile emoticon
The morning began with a hug for birthday boy Ketav and the mandatory selfie and the pact picture with his charming daughter who had picked out a charming ensemble , ” special because it is Papa’s birthday ” . Thank you Anju for this precious photograph of your lovely daughter who is a perfectly scaled down version of her beautiful Mom.
And then to meet my Jaya and the men in her life and her parents and her charming sister Seema and brother in law Jay.
I will only let the photographs speak .
Meeting Jaya and the Pandey boys after my stay with them in the U.S. in July.
No words to describe the madness . The crazy joy. The mayhem. The love .
Yes , just look at the photographs .

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