A black georgette with little embossed patterns in cream and a contrast stitched border …one of those crush proof must haves in every saree cupboard that you can wear anywhere anytime . From Pitambari and more than a dozen years old. Maybe the blouse today is not a perfect match ? Anyway …
A lovely Saturday evening date with Raj Rege as we went and saw Bajirao Mastani with a pit stop for coffee so one could catch up and take the, yes you guessed right , the Saree Pact photographs smile emoticon
A grandmother twice over and still the thrill of going to see a film in a theatre can be so exciting !! It is still a very very special treat . Though now I can easily go and see any movie I feel like , first there is never time and second it is something that is never right there on top of the list of worthwhile things to be doing. Growing up , we were maybe allowed to go to the cinema only once in a couple of months and that kind of is the reason ? All our knowledge of films and film trivia came from Radio Ceylon film programmes and reading the Filmfare which our father would bring home from his office magazine club ( how eagerly I would wait for that evening once in 20 days or so he would open his brief case and hand over the eagerly awaited treasure )or that little magical periodical cum encyclopaedia called Picture Post . This was a veritable storehouse of such detailed information on films that one could never have enough of it . This little magazine never came home but our Sarada Periamma would subscribe to it ( Chuppu Narayanan our cousin’s beautiful mother and Sharada’s grandmother ( that’s where the great interest in films in that family too came from right Chidambaram Venkat Ramanan ? )There was also Baburao Patel’s Film India later called Mother India ? I remember admiring the photograph of his lovely wife Sushila Rani Patel and wondering at the beauty of her visage . Years later I have met her in her lovely home in Bandra …imagine !!! We used to have our Bimal Roy Music Show rehearsals in her house .
Oh the film was good . Ranveer carried it on his shoulders .

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