World Saree Day and I was planning to wear one of my exotic sarees 🙂 But when the morning came, somehow it was a flip and I opted instead for one of my “ordinary” favorites – a black and white kota doria set on fire with a bright red border and palla.

#36 – paper thin, soft, easy drape and almost crumple free, this bargain saree in my fav color combination is over 20 years old and one of my early purchases during college days. Yet it retains the shine and drape, looking almost new even today. A very summer saree that reminds me of gulmohar blooms that make the trees look like they are on fire. Somehow, despite the winter, this is what I wanted to wear today, and it was an immediate mood elevator and made me feel fresh after a hectic weekend, ready for facing the week’s challenges 🙂

Here’s to all the wonderful ladies who wear their sarees with pride today, and set the world on fire with their saree passion!

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