Two Women..
Two Different Generations….
Two Diverse way of growing-up!!!

Through a common thread one fine day they meet and found one of their common interests, SAREE !
Saree for them is not only a mere interest, but a passion! Both of them feel and believe, saree makes them look the most gorgeous and dignified.
The love and passion for this 6-yard created a wonderful bridge between these two women and an uncommon friendship got developed….

In this relationship the Saree acted as an evergreen catalyst and instantly redefined Friendship in this hectic robotic life.
As the chats and various dialogues became cosier, another common aspect came up. Both feel they are born much late! Huh!!

Yes, I am the younger woman (in age) and would love to dedicate my 79/100 #100sareepact to this lovely lady who loves saree and celebrates womanhood to the fullest.
Her candid, childish, spontaneous behaviour shows how she inspires fresher souls.
I rather consider, her to be the younger one ( in mind than me for sure)..

Since this was an exclusive date with her, I selected her preference, crepe!
79/100 is a lilac coloured Italian buttery crepe with neat Kashmiri stitch with silver threads. I wore a junky beaded neck-piece and a big pearl ear-top. My black cut-away sleeves blouse made the look smart!
While, my date wore a wonderful jungle-leopard print mixed heavy crepe, and paired with a junk neck-piece like me and a heavy earring.

Our photographer, that common thread was a happy man behind the lenses.
Check out these candid poses!
Indeed, the smile, the click, the warmth shows how 40s fashion can bond so well even in 2015!!
Despite differences in age, backgrounds and personalities, it is a proven fact, Saree can really bring Women close and build a strong bond together!

Thanks for this wonderful friendship I longed for long.
This is my way of celebrating my special relationship with you, Rita Aunty….!