A Gaurisaraiya special I bought in Calcutta in 2003 . A companion piece to a similar one in green and white that has featured in the pact already …the Jain Temple in Bangalore post . The silk is super sturdy and yet falls beautifully and is such a comfortable length and breadth that you can have all the pleats you want , have a trailing Pallu and wear heels too .
The Saree has these horizontal pin stripes and a thin orange strip with the tiny temple border and ikkat on the Pallu. See picture detail in a Comment .
The day began with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Support Group Meeting in Tata ( I guess that was what decided the Orange ) . I wish I could have stayed for the whole meeting but at least it was a great chance to meet and network with some of the dedicated physicians I work with and my peers in cancer care . And Pacters I did not have to try too hard to get them to pose for the Pact . Drs Manju Sengar , Hari Menon , Sidharth Lashkar , Shibani Sutaria ; each one of them so special and so inspiring . And of course from the Pact Perspective the ladies wore a selection varying from Kasavu to Tussar to Jaquard while the guys were suitably impressed !
The reason I had to rush from there was to attend the Ethics Committee Meeting in Raheja Hospital .
And this meeting once in two months gives me a chance to meet up and spend time with one woman I really admire and respect. Anita Borges , a surgical pathologist of international repute who has spent close to 30 years as a cancer pathologist , two decades of those in Tata Hospital where her father Dr Ernest Borges had set up world standard of care for cancer patients in our country . And it was with great glee we took some moments after the meeting to quickly take a photograph in out Sarees. Dr Anita wears the most elegant of sarees every single day and her panache and style is so effortless. The olive green cotton handloom she is wearing is one beautiful example of her impeccable choice in sarees .
Then it was back to office and some special visitors and a late evening meeting with volunteers Ravi and Pramod ( Pact Photographers for the day both ) for some Friends of Max work .
But not before some time near the waters and a dose of a beautiful December sunset by the Dargah!

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