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Yes, without the feminine ending . Otherwise thankfully it loses its meaning.

It’s a community centre for women and children which offers ways to develop skills for self- empowerment …

That’s where I went last afternoon with much trepidation … Will they come for the haldi kumkum ceremony or not ? Days before Diwali…

A new project of the NGO Udaan in Thane it’s main focus is education and I want to help as many women I come in contact with to become literate and conversant with English in their daily needs … So I’m here..

I suggested that we should have a haldi kumkum ceremony to create awareness but to teach out to women was proving difficult! Hats off to the volunteers who brought in nearly 100 women in a matter of two days of publicity.

I wore a light Maheshwari with mixed yarn and a really light feel but it lives up to it’s name … Makes you look Saksham, Sabal, why do you need the feminine ending??

It has a navy blue Pochampalli print on an elegant temple border with a thin line of zari, on it’s lovely onion skin colour.

Very pretty. So all you need is a multicoloured Pochampalli blouse because the haldi kumkum smeared by a hundred women on your forehead is your real ‘shaaj’ as we call it! The red kumkum makes me strong. The haldi kumkum exchange is a good leveller… You come close , you touch, you get empowered by the combined energy of so many strong women.. Strong yet need to be empowered, aren’t we all like that?
Here are some photos …