87/100. A beautiful saree in an unusual colour of greyish lavender with a bluish-green border that was woven in a far-off village in Odisha. Which was then bought 15 years ago by a mother for her daughter who was living across the world. And now, it is a cherished saree that bridges moments and memories for the daughter.

This Sambalpuri ikat has seen a lot of loving wear. But, it still gleams as subtly and drapes as fluidly as when it was first bought. It’s like this rippling river of silk that envelops me and reminds me to to be thankful for the amazing grace of friends and family who people my life.

And most of all, for Rio, my son. My river of hope and sunshine. The photograph on the right was taken four days ago. And looking at it reminded me of another photograph, taken four winters ago. As I look at it and see how he has grown, I note that the baby plumpness is gone, remaining only in the cheeks and the wrists. Rounded limbs have given way to sturdy and long legs and arms. But the hugs are still as spontaneous, though I have to brace myself a little more now. And four years from today, I am hoping that though I will be the one looking up at him, the hugs won’t stop…

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