#97 Pink Revolution!
I am running around for almost a week juggling social events, weddings and Pinkathon.But,one thing I kept in mind was to have pink as my colour.
Pink is my favorite colour and I wanted to dedicate one post to my colour. As a child I use to like pink so much that whenever I made a drawing or painting, I used to ensure that pink is a prominent colour in it. Once, I painted the faces of all the human figures in pink, as there was no other suitable place to accommodate my choice of colour. My teacher gave me what Aryabhatta invented. tongue emoticon
Strange as it seems, my connection with the colour pink seems inevitable. Today, when I was running in the Pinkathon all these memories came back to me like a rush of blood to the head. Pinkathon is a run for a cause and focuses on women’s health and fitness.
Just few months back I had a slip disc and was on complete bed rest for two weeks. Gradually,I recovered and started with gentle short walks and back endurance exercises to get back in the rhythm. And I knew, that the Pinkathon is the best way to come back in action. So here I am…

My saree is Banarasi jute silk which is year and a half old purchase from Nallis. All my friends are in beautiful silk sarees.

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