This is an old favourite Tussar silk which I haven’t worn in a very long time because I did not have a matching blouse . The original , I must confess does not fit me anymore. This time in Ahmedabad I managed to find a nice pink Bijouri blouse and out comes this simple yet elegant silk ideal for a day at work , meetings and an evening out.
The day began with a meeting with one of my Friends of Max volunteers Nikhil . Despite being a busy oral surgeon he takes the time out to work with me and this morning over breakfast I get an update me on the Sarcoma Conference he has attended representing our group of advocates . As I listen to his enthusiastic voice sharing various aspects of the sessions I can feel the positive energies transfer themselves to me.
What a way to start the day indeed.
And at work the team is already in Christmas Mode and our traditional ritual of Secret Santa is to be observed today .
Everybody’s name in a chit and we each pick one and get a gift for the person named on our chit ! You can see how much fun it is . On the day before Christmas all gifts on my table with the printed names on them . I already know what I am getting my guy/ gal smile emoticon
And then a fun evening planned for us by dear friends Jude and Anita and after work I meet up with them and their delightful children , my husband and our friends from Italy . Ricardo and Clara . This young couple , a musician who plays the Sarod like he was born stringing it and a writer who is famous for translating the most well known books into Italian was introduced to me almost 15 years ago when Clara had worked on translating his Death of Vishnu. Today I swear they are more Indian than Italian and spend equal amount of time in their adopted country .
The evening was an unusual treat that Jude had in store for us . I don’t know after how many decades we sat down under the Big Top of a Circus and enjoyed together a wonderful show ! There is something about a Circus and the people who perform in it . The trapeze artists , acrobats , clowns and magicians . A certain vulnerability that goes straight to your heart.
It’s one of the oldest forms of public Entertainment . Memories of a childhood spent reading circus stories by Enid Blyton and then films like Mera Naam Joker and Appu Raja come rushing into my mind as soon as we enter the tent .
Indeed it’s another world , maybe a lost world . But the thrill and excitement that all of us feel , young and old , spells HOPE for Rambo Circus !

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