73/100 #100sareepact is a date with Sapna aunty who has been one of my key driving forces for my today’s saree collection.She is the one who has ideated those beautiful drapes from Kantha,to Batik,to Tussar,to abstract Ikkat…

Seriously speaking I do not remember when we met for the first time; as far as my memory recollects, it was in those hectic office hours of Hindustan Times when she used to come and share about her saree business.
One of my earlier purchases was out of obligation I guess. But eventually my liking and taste got dissolved with her creations. An elderly person, carrying a bag and coming to office for business was something I felt quite out of the way at that time.
She was not working out of compulsion, but to live her dream to create something of her own. Her perseverance and sheer willingness moved me.
I started visiting her place and found a treasure of creativity, unfolding…from her I also started knowing and understanding texture, quality, and fall of the sarees….

Over the years, our relationship took a different path. The buyer-seller concept got changed into a much cosy, homely affair.At times even if I have not picked up a saree, I was not allowed to step out without lunch/dinner.
It went to that stretch, whenever she started creating something new, she used to keep it away. If I vetoed, then it was shared with others 😉

Today, we are not in much touch. She is not keeping well either. But her fascinating, vibrant creations are always there to make me feel her presence. Since the day I joined sareepact I was planning to meet her and dedicate a story. It is such an amazing real-life example of a relationship that develops due to sarees. Two women meet,come together,develop a unique relation and creates a strong bond, and all get started with saree…

Sapna aunty masters in abstract designs in cotton,tussar silk.
73/100 #100sareepact is a wonderful dyed tussar silk; a combination of dark onion pink with a pista green border. It often looks like cool ice-cream; double scoop of strawberry and a single scoop of pista flavour 😉
The saree is packed with neat kantha works – a mix of button stitch and Gujrati stitch with mirror work.
Especially for this saree a full sleeve designer blouse was made to give that perfect look.

Last evening, sapna aunty wore one of her beautiful brown silk-designed sarees that has stripes of kantha work stitched as appliqué. Her kantha blouse is a signature style which she carries wonderfully!
Uncle was the obvious photographer, who was super excited for this sareepact story shoot!

Thank you Sapna aunty for your love, warmth and most importantly all those unique sarees, on the basis of which I got that root to start this saree pact challenge!