A sudden decision overnight to spend some time together..to break d monotony n overcome d fatigue of our everyday routine lives..just d 3 of us..my mom Aparna Bose who is ever busy managing home n hardly gets time to go out..my bro Urbeesh Bose​ who is always under immense work pressure n hardly gets time for himself..n myself, stuck in a fixed orbit of home-to-work n work-to-home..

It being a Sunday n Independence Day celebrations still being on d agenda of us freedom-loving Kolkatans, we had to make an about-turn from d ticket counters of d house full multiplex..with ample time to while away, strolling around n shopping were d only options left..n we did just that..followed by a delicious lip-smacking dinner at Sarson.. in short..we just had a nice we-time!

I wore this butiful muga tussar saree.. half in black n half in pinkish red with worli print in white..the border is a thin one in red n gold..a very soft n light wear..my mom is wearing a sober half tussar saree in beige with heiroglyphics printed in black all over..those following my pact will remember i had fished it out from my mom’s collection just a few days back for d pact!?

After a long week of work, i wasn’t really feeling very fresh n was having a bad hair day too..so i kept my look simple with just a pair of gold earrings wid red n white meenakari work and a chain wid a sweet umbrella n a heart as double lockets..

There isnt much of a story associated with d saree..but d earrings are very special to me..i have even attached a separate pic of them here but do excuse me for d lack of proper light in d pic.. they were gifted to me by my Thamma.. but strangely enough she couldnt hand it over to me herself due to her sudden demise 16yrs back..she used to talk about how she had gotten for me a butiful pair of pure gold earrings with red n white meenakari work but that she wouldnt give them to me right away n i would have to wait for d right time to get them..she used to be super secretive about what she did..her descriptions about d earrings created a mystery about them n i kept waiting for d right time..but unfortunately she passed away so suddenly that even d last goodbyes couldn’t b said..n one fine day after d tragic incident my mom found them inside d seat of a plastic tool!!..can u imagine such a hiding place for a pair of gold earrings!!..anyways it was ‘time’ for me to finally run my fingers through d beauty, d mystery n above all d warmth n love encased in every artistic detail of d earrings..but i still wished Thamma could give them to me herself..

Safety n security at stake, they got meticulously wrapped n tucked away within d walls of cold steel lockers (as is d case with all gold jewelleries), with only certain occasions making way for them to get a breath of fresh air, to feel d warmth of d lady yearning to wear them, to make her feel beautiful n to say ‘thank you’ to her for all dis by kissing her cheeks with every sway of her head.. yesterday when i chose dis saree for my day out, d first thing that flashed before my eyes were these favourite earrings of mine..n i seized or u may say snatched d opportunity to wear them..n as d earrings adorned my ears all day through, i could feel my Thamma’s blessing hands on my head..

Had Thamma been with us today, she would have been so happy n ecstatic to see her only grandaughter doing this saree pact n more so to see these earrings being a part of the pact..so saree no.42 is for u Thamma!..a tribute to my grandmother!

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