wore a bright pink half tussar saree with a sleek golden border..
The occasion was a family get together cum my Mesho’s (Uncle) 60th birthday celebration at our own house..n since i was to be one of d rushing-around hosts, apart from my mom Aparna Bose n aunt Sriparna Ray​, i chose to wear this saree..soft feel, comfy n easy to run around in..paired it with my favourite ballet dancer earrings..no make-up..didnt get d time for it in d first place!󾍇

The ‘getting together’ of my mother’s cousin brothers n sisters n their families meant an afternoon full of fun, laughter, non-stop adda n a lot of catching up, not to mention d ‘gaaner aasor’ where bengali n hindi oldies were sung back to back by all..nostalgia filled the air with most of them reminiscing their childhood days spent here in our house..my maternal grandfather was d only brother among six sisters wich made him d only ‘mama’ my mother’s cousins had n loved soo much..so our house used to be the ever-cherished ‘mamar bari’, a place for spending d long, lazy, mischief-filled afternoons of summer or puja vacations..a place for being pampered n showered with love n affection by elders..a place symbolic of love, belongingness n goodwill..

Nowadays, with joint families on d verge of extinction, d pleasures associated with them are hardly experienced by us..
school, examination n work pressures throughout d year make it almost impossible to spare even a single day for such luxury or relaxation, let alone spending long stretches of time with loved ones..n so these occasional family get-togethers are what we very much look forward to..we who belong to d younger generations listen intently n njoy d chilhood stories as they are brought out of the bags one by one..
But what pleases me more is d stress-free aura dat is created during those few hours of togetherness..d smiles on d faces, laughing to one’s heart’s content, enjoying food without quite paying heed to any diet restrictions one might have..in short i luv how my loved ones be what they want to be..so what if its for just a few hours!

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