33/100 and 34/100. The past few days have presented themselves with so many opportunities to wear sarees; and thanks to the pact, I don’t need an excuse anymore!! The green one is a crepe chiffon I received as a gift again on the birth of my elder one – I mentioned my life changed for the better wink emoticon teamed it up with a new striped silk blouse. The other one a mauve super net saree, light and and an easy drape. Wore this one for a puja in memory of my husbands grandfather, dadaji. An amazingly kind and loving person, really haven’t seen many as nice as him. He was someone who commanded respect and never demanded it!! In spite of the generation gap, he always made me feel comfortable and through our conversations, I probably knew lot more about him than many others in the family. He would fondly address me as ‘vakil sahib’, given that I am a CA. So many fond memories associated with him! My sincere respects to dadaji!!

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