82/100. A busy day. Teaching, facilitating, writing and of course, being mommy.

The simple saree that took me through the day was a 14-year-old printed Chamundi silk which I had bought from Bombay Silk Store on a whim. I don’t like thin silks – rather, I can’t manage them very well. I need a fabric that falls well. Also, I always felt thin silk sarees were not as forgiving as others. But this saree suddenly took me back to childhood – visions of my mother and aunties taking out their whisper-soft printed silks to go out to watch a film or to a restaurant, while we cousins watched them wide -eyed. And how they would swish off in a cloud of perfume, but not before giving us quick hugs or a pat on the head. And how we knew they would come back all glowy and giggly and younger, somehow.

I, though, felt all old and ‘growed-up’ in this saree. Though that could have been the day, rather than the saree. Two photos – one all bunned up for work, the second o once I let my mad hair out. As for the saree, am sure you all have one just like this somewhere in your trunks or closets. ?

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