This saree brings a smile on my face to think of the day I went shopping for it. It was the weekend prior to Diwali and the chaos created by saree lovers at Nalli Silks should have been witnessed to believe. Heaps of silk sarees piled up on the counters….so many ladies laying their hands on the same saree…asking one another how much the saree costed as the boys at the counter were not able to answer each query…funniest part was when I held one end of the saree pressed under the pile and pulling it forcefully to realise that some other lady was pulling it from the other side, destined to be in my wardrobe. it was ‘silk saree fountain’ that day! So here I am with my black pure silk with zari on a mustard border, pairing it with black with golden print net blouse…wore this to my niece’s house warming ceremony today! Pic clicked at the end of the day!