The Telia Rumali once again . What is it about the weave, the colours, the designs and the whole look about this wondrous Telia that make a seemingly common and much seen and well worn pattern look like a hundred million dollars????
This is a repeat . I brought mostly cottons to Sri Lanka and a good thing too . The rivulets of sweat running down your body make you feel like the Punjab I do swear !
So for a long day for the big patient group meeting at the Cancer Institute in Maharagama it had to be cotton and this marvel looks great even if it crushed ! As we drove down Galle Road the water in the Indian Ocean looked so gorgeous and the rising sun’s rays so golden I had to stop and take these pictures . You will all agree they do fill justice to the sea the sky and the saree .
The day was amazing ! The auditorium already filling even before I got there and so many eager and happy patients ; the doctors on time and the Sisters helping with the registration .
I was meeting so many for the first time and my heart choking up as I put faces to the names .
Made my presentations with the doctors themselves translating into Sinhala and then the sharing and testimonials and posing for pictures …tired but so happy all of us . The sweet patient volunteers who did not even sit for a minute finally standing with us happy and energised and then bringing Maximo to the little ones in the Pediatric Section !

What a day !!!! Worth every bead of sweat as dear Manura said .