#100sareepact has worked for me in more than one way as per the close study of my family.
My collection of sarees is finally been done justice and wearing a saree is so much a part of my routine now.
I have become more experimentative with my various drapes, cuts of blouses, replacing blouse with a kurta/crop tops/shirts/ganji’s. I also started wearing accessories.
My daughter who learnt photography few months back, gets a fairly good chance to practise her hand.
I try to follow instructions to pose patiently for a good picture now.
Different corners of my house, building, local area, far localities are explored on weekly basis for a good shots and background.
My knowledge about different fabrics, embroidery and weaving have grown extensively.
My awareness for various cultures,traditions and festivals from all parts of the country is enlightened.
I don’t need an excuse to wear saree now and don’t need to expalin either.
Most important, I have made so many new and wonderful friends here.

This precious Assam silk saree belongs to my mother-in-law which was given to her by her brother in our wedding as a part of “Mama Bhaat”. I wore this for Dev Diwali.

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