Stage is something that encourages me always….My school, Patha Bhavan has given me that kick since my childhood I feel.
Thus after 20 years when you are asked to perform in a cozy Ex-students’ reunion to celebrate in a unique way, I was elated. The occasion was the first ever Sahitya Sabha by the ex-students, rejoicing 50-years of the institution, paired with a candid ‘ChoRuibhaati’ (picnic) …!!!

68/100 of #100sareepact is a moment of honour , a small effort of mine, to give back few musical memories to my school…
I dedicate this 68/100 saree tale to my school, the stage where my draping season started.
Shahitya Sabha used be those few annual dates, where we were requested to wear saree and attend the functions. However, in class XI-XII saree became our compulsory uniform.
Today when I drape this 6yards in no time like an instant food, in my mind I give the entire credit to my school.

This Sunday was different; sunny with sunshine of laughter, exciting with old & new connections and nostalgic for a feeling which can never be described through words. It’s only the feeling that can be gulped within.

I wore a Ghicha tussar silk, with a red matte border. The anchal was blood red, with an interesting thread fall. The red & amp; golden brocade blouse added the season of colour.
To give that Bong look, a red bindi was MUST. The golden earring paired with white beads of heavy pearl made the look apt for the magical morning!

The huge mango trees with shades, the patchy breeze, the nonstop candid talks, the touch of those yesterday teachers and new connections were too much as bonus…
Thanks Pinakida for giving me the chance to sing after a loooong break, and capturing few candid moments. 🙂

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