Janmashtami celebrations at home. A few dear friends and family gathered for a wonderful evening of bhajans on the occasion, my Amma and Anu being the star performers! I wore a paithani, my wedding saree. Going down memory lane, it sometimes feels like almost yesterday when I got married!! I was expected to cover my head, at least a part of it, with the pallu, being the bride, as per Marwari traditions, during the wedding rituals. Being new to this system and probably unable to see the larger picture, I was very upset with the idea and was resisting it, the pallu dropping off every now and then. My friend and bridesmaid, Monika was receiving many instructions on handling that part, but I wasn’t very co-operative. Finally, Monika stormed into me, and said this – “now just shut up and co-operate and let me do what I need to”!! Back then I continued to be upset but went on with the rituals…. Today am amused at the whole thing! Can’t thank Monika enough; she just took over and put an end to needless bickering!!

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