Worshipped as ‘Kartik thakur’in Bengal homes on the last day of the month of Kartik, Kartik is the Lord of male-fertility and good harvest. It is a popular ritual in our culture, where secretively an idol is placed in households devoid of a male child or where a new marriage has been culminated. The following day, arrangements are made and the Lord is worshipped with the hopes of being blessed with a son.

Lord Kartik is also associated to the Babu Culture prevailed in historic Kolkata, and hence, many traditional old Bengali paintings still show Kartik dressed in traditional Bengali style. Also, in some parts of West Bengal, Kartik is traditionally worshipped by the ancestors of the past royal families too, as in the district of Malda.

However as a Bong I have grown up seeing Kartik as a much neglected character that only comes under the shadow of his mother, the Diva, Goddess Durga.
I have also observed, even the idol of Kartik is made in the same pattern, a look-alike of his sisters; Lakshmi & Sarswati. His height is short, he lacks the manly presence and he is quite ‘nyaka’ (means a blend of coyness and coquetry)

But to my surprise, while reading Mahabharata recently, came know Lord Kartik is indeed very valiant role and is considered as one of the most powerful characters in Hindu epic.
As per the epic, in a complicated story, he is said to have been born from Agni and Svaha, after the latter impersonated the six of the seven wives of the Saptarishi (Seven Sages).. Kartikeya is said to have been born to destroy a buffalo demon (mahishasura). In later mythology, the buffalo demon became the adversary of Durga.

Cut to my 66/100 #100sareepact of this season; this year, for the first time I got an invitation to attended a Kartik Puja at a pal’s place.
My drape was also a new pinch, a gift from my pal’s mom, a very affectionate person who herself is a saree lover :):)

My 66/100 drape is a pure silk; an amazing, dark cobalt blue in #ShadesOfBlue . The entire saree has been painted profoundly with shimmering silver fabric paint; designs are very neat, detailed, in one word ‘outstanding’!!
The saree itself is so gorgeous that one does not need to pair with any jewellery or heavy make-up.
My contrast white-blue Mahabharata tale print blouse was a perfect match. The ash-sky pearl set was icing of the ‘look’!

Hope you guys will like my Kartikeya Kahani 😉

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