Crazy reactions take place when #friends meet after 15 years….!!!
And those crazy reactions turn intense, emotional and change the environment around with laughter, chatter and gossips when, #girlfriends meet after 15 years 😉 😉

Yes, recently witnessed such a crazy, cozy, unplanned ‘girly’ get-together 🙂

65/100 #100sareepact is a gift to my college ‘Girl Friends’; we were the famous Advertising, Sales Promotion & Sales Management cluster.
Tilll XII standard, I was in a co-education school. Thus on the first day when I joined Girls’ college, I was a sad and confused looking at ‘only girl’ crowd. Trust me I was missing my friends who were boys since I was a total tom-boyish girl …
But to my surprise, within few days I started loving those typical ‘girly’ discussions which I had never experienced earlier… Hahaha !!! I was in a sea of more chatter, gossips, and bubbling interactions.
There were moments of extreme laughs ,casual fights which had no reason or strange tears rolling down those cheeks on silly matters.
College days made me conscious about dresses, make-up, styling, and fashion 😉 And to my surprise I was one of those off-beat fashionable girls too….. (This is a statement from my friends)
To sum up, honestly, I feel those 3years of my college had added a lot of femininity in me.

65/100 is a light cotton tant. The saree got dyed into two colours; an unusual combination of navy blue and yellow ochre. With different types of patch work in the form of batik or kantha work, the saree looks amazing that shows a unique statement. My three quarter balck blouse, pearl sets.

During my college days on Saturdays I used to prefer wearing saree (though I had very few) and Chiffon ruled my preference. Sudipta, Soumi & I were formed that cosy TRIO in our ASPSM group. Found few images (again #ShadesofBlue) from our college life while creating today’s collage.
Feeling nostalgic, really nice to rewind and play few wonderful college notes, once again in these hectic office hours through my saree tale.
Stay tuned, my friends 🙂 🙂

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