I never knew cotton could feel like this . Soft and sensuous , falling around me in swathes and swirls . A Maheshwari from Raw Mango , a gift from Anju .
The combination of fuchsia and black with the exotic touch of metallic silver gives it a special look. Love it Anju!!!
I was invited to speak today at a Rotary Club Lunch gathering . Dr Deepak Garg of Eye Solutions is someone I have known for a while now and it was upon his request that this event took place . The first time I interacted with him was when while waiting to see my surgeon I was privy to an awareness session he was conducting for a group of little children from a nearby school . I remember thinking to myself Wow, such busy doctors but they take out time to do something like this . I had taken a couple of pictures ( with permission) of the children listening in rapt attention and posted them on Face Book .
It was then that he reached out and said he loved the way I had shared my appreciation and had always followed my posts and admired my energy and positive vibes . Would I at some point in time come and speak to his Rotary Group . Given our busy schedules and all my travel and work commitments we finally managed to do this almost a year to the date of the awareness programme he had held for the children .
I loved my audience today and was happy to share my experiences and life lessons with them . A special joy was meeting and interacting with Dr Deepak’s grandfather .

So in today’s post I get a chance to give you fellow Pacters a glimpse inside my Mecca of sarees , Pitambari from where most of my sarees are sourced . I popped in to pick up some blouses from their tailor and of course dear Anil ji would not let me go without showing me some the latest sarees that had come in . Of course I was good and did not succumb !!!
Truly , everyone in the shop is simply so awesome with Sushma ji happy to take pictures for the pact post. Their attention goes beyond service to the customer. It is as though they are custodians of your well being and committed to keeping the sanctity of your saree persona intact . It’s almost sacrosanct ! If Anil ji feels it’s not your type of saree he will not even let you look at it . But is it is your style then you have a fat chance in hell of not coming out of the store carrying it like a trophy in your arms .
For me it’s a one stop Mecca of the Saree experience. You see it you like it and your choice is approved and then you buy it and the saree of your err… Anil Ji’s choice is ready in a couple of days. Fall fixed and edges tasseled or beaded and the blouse tailored .

My Go To Place for Saree Nirvana smile emoticon

At the end of a long day I finally managed to keep a long pending appointment with a lovely young lady ; she and I had kept missing each other all through the last previous weeks. Introduced to me by a young friend (of my son) I have never met , Niqita is a photojournalist from London working on a documentary on “spectacular women interviewed over tea , cigarettes and / or whiskey ” . It was over tea we met considering it was in my office we met but since it was end of day I was able to offer her a spectacular sunset for sure !!
Here are some of the pictures she took . Equally spectacular . We were even able to charm some of the police men out there on some
Bandobast to pose for the pact !!! Of course it was to be minus the weapon they said but we were well armed anyway with our charm I guess smile emoticon smile emoticon

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